Before You Leave The Catholic Church…

By Martha Lyles

It always saddens me to hear someone talk about leaving the Catholic Church. Most recently it’s been Pulitzer-Prize winner Anna Quindlen, who is promoting a new book that, among other topics, addresses her decision to part ways with the Catholic Church. And so, I was grateful to find Jennifer Fulwiler‘s thoughtful response to Quindlen in the National Catholic Register. Here’s a snippet of her defense of Catholicism:

“…within the two-thousand-year-old Church is an unfathomable treasure chest of spiritual wisdom. We have the Rosary as well as all the other time-tested prayers of the Church. Then there are the lives of the saints, countless stories that offer an inexhaustible supply of information and inspiration about how to have a rich spiritual life. And of course we have a worldwide network of monasteries and convents, and all the great religious orders. I suppose it’s possible to utilize some of these spiritual resources without being a practicing Catholic, but if you believe that they’re good and helpful, why sever them from the source of their wisdom?”

Our mission with the Catholic Renewal Campaign is to celebrate the many rich and beautiful components of our faith, and I appreciate Jennifer’s expression of it.

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