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Re-energizing Catholics begins with you and your thoughts about the challenges and victories of your faith journey. As we travel and talk to Catholics at meetings and presentations, on our blogs or during our radio shows, we are continually uplifted by their thoughtful, heartfelt comments. Here is where we would like to share your observations on what it means to be a Catholic in America today, your take on key issues in society and your vision for the future of the Church.

Topic of the Month: Feedback on the Catholic Renewal Campaign

As the news has spread about the Catholic Renewal Campaign and our mission and goals, we’ve received many wonderful and supportive comments. Here are just a few:

“I too believe there is a movement of the Spirit happening now, today, in this country and I prayerfully and actively will be a part of it.”

– Patrick, Racine, WI

“I feel energy and hopefulness when reading about these ideas. I like the directness and strength of your mission statement and the way it emphasizes that lay Catholics must step up to make this happen.”

– Jim and Sarah, Waukee, IA

“I am a 20-plus year army vet, retired for almost four years. Currently I am in Afghanistan as a trainer for new Afghan army officers. I will be done by the end of July and now am looking at moving the knowledge and skills God has given me to better use in the Church. Can you help me in my search of God’s new adventure for me to be able to glorify his name in my new path and carrier already chosen by Him? God Bless you for what you do.”

– Albert, Middleburg, FL

“I’ve always believed my faith can make a difference in today’s world. This feels like a concrete way to begin that process.”

– Genevieve, Bellevue, PA

“Catholic renewal is a very familiar term in my life as a Catholic. I like it in this instance because it expresses what I think our country needs right now.”

– Cathy, San Mateo, CA

“I was so pleased and happy to discover your renewal movement. Thank you!!!”

– Mary Therese, Elmwood Park, IL

“For so long I’ve wished our Catholic faith would receive a more prominent place in American culture. Sign me up!”

– Anthony, Round Rock, TX

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