Dawn Eden’s Important New Book

By Martha Lyles

Dick and I took note when we received the email from Barbara Nicolosi Harrington. Barbara is a dear friend of ours and a hugely talented screenwriter. You may know her as the official theological consultant of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ.

She wrote us last week to tell us about her friend Dawn Eden’s new book My Peace I Give You, published by Ave Maria Press. As Barbara puts it:

“It is the best response from a Catholic that I have seen to the whole problem of sex abuse, particularly in the Church. She has done extensive research and found examples of sexual abuse as suffered by some of our most beloved saints and uses their stories to discuss how this suffering too should be integrated into a life geared to holiness. It is thoughtful, fascinating, deeply Catholic and not in the least bit maudlin or sensationalistic.  …I think Dawn’s message is important and even vital in our society, which continues to weather the ravages of the sexual revolution.”

I’m eager to read Dawn’s book and I hope to hear her speak when she visits Southern California this August. For now, I wanted to pass this along. I appreciate the spirit of Barbara’s email. Our hope for the Catholic Renewal Campaign is to lift each other up, to forge partnerships, to help each other grow in our faith and advance in our efforts. I hope you’ll leave a comment and let me know your impressions of My Peace I Give You. Bestselling author Father James Martin describes it as “a gift of healing to some of the most wounded people of our time.”





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