Leading a Catholic Revival … Together!

We believe we are on the cusp of a Catholic revival, one that must be championed by the Magisterium, priests and religious, and lay leaders whom Catholics can trust and rally behind. In particular, we believe passionate and talented Catholic lay leaders from key sectors of society – business, government, the entertainment industry and the news media – can communicate what is contributing to our cultural decline in a compelling, common-sense way that resonates with people. Together, we can have a transformative impact on Catholics hungry for good leaders who will inspire them to integrate Catholic ideas into the fabric of our culture.

Cardinal Tim Dolan of New York City told journalist John Allen Jr. that he’s put serious thought into the failure of ordinary Catholics to communicate the beauty of their faith. The remedy, he said, is twofold: they need the courage to do so and the vocabulary. “I presume what we’re going to have to do is what the early Christians did for the first four centuries of our existence – try our best to claim some credibility in culture and society through love and joy,” Cardinal Dolan told Allen. “That’s how Christianity eventually prevailed…”

We Need Good Leaders NOW

To get where we want to go, however, we’ll need many more leaders inspired by the teaching of Jesus Christ rather than the political and business leaders we see today whose ethical and spiritual framework is based entirely on self-interest. The catastrophic results are all around us: grossly out-of-proportion compensation packages, short-term decision-making, the Wall Street meltdown and a lengthening parade of corporate scandals. In the public sector we see our national debt burgeoning out of control, an atrophied system of education, and unemployment coasting at unacceptable levels.  In the meantime, more American families have slipped below the poverty level than at any time in recent history. They are losing their jobs, their homes, their retirements and their dignity.

We’ve been teaching principled leadership at all levels for more than 30 years – in the board room, on the pages of our books, from the podium and as consultants. Our philosophies unleash the moral leader in each of us through personal development, shared vision and team building. We are just as proud of our groundbreaking work in co-authoring the leadership program Good Leaders, Good Shepherds for priests and bishops as we are of our collaboration with leadership legends like Ken Blanchard.

Our goal is to seek out Catholics of all ages who are willing to come forward in their businesses, their schools, their churches and their communities, and inspire them to be exceptional leaders, to effectively be about the business of building the Kingdom of God. As Dick wrote in Winning Ways, “…our behavior can be contagious and together we can raise the standard of human existence.”

Lyles Leadership Programs

  • Good Leaders, Good Shepherds: More than 1,000 priests and 40 bishops are enrolled in this intensive two-year leadership program that Dick, Martha and others designed for the Catholic Leadership Institute. Clergy will graduate ready to put the fundamentals of personal development, shared vision and team building to work in their parishes and dioceses. The ultimate goal is to graduate 50,000 priests and 150 bishops from Good Leaders, Good Shepherds, which we believe will have a profound effect on leadership within the Catholic Church in America.
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    >>> See graduates from the Archdiocese of Miami and the Catholic Diocese of Dodge City

  • Answer Your Call: Ever since Rick Warren’s book The Purpose-Driven Life was released, Catholics have yearned for a book written from a Catholic perspective to help them discern their life’s purpose – in essence, to help them answer their call. Answer Your Call is in some ways a Catholic response to The Purpose-Driven Life, but much more because because it presents a completely new and unique paradigm people can use to bridge the gap between their faith and their everyday lives. Co-written by Dick and Martha, Answer Your Call will be published in 2013.
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  • Achieve Leadership Genius: Contextual leadership is a new approach to leadership developed by Dick and others that takes traditional theories and training to the next level. We fervently believe that lay Catholics will play a pivotal role in leading a Catholic renaissance in America! And that starts with all of us taking our leadership roles to heart regardless of whether or not it seems important. The catechism teacher, the church board member, the Knight of Columbus, the lay minister, the Montessori director, the choir director, the business leader, the homemaker, the parent … whatever your roll, you are a leader and can make a difference
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