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Dick Lyles – Business Leader, Author, Speaker and Media Personality

Dick Lyles

More than 250,000 people tune in each week to hear Dick Lyles talk about life changing experiences through an unexpected door – the door to the business world. The Catholic Business Hour, produced by the Catholic Business Journal and distributed by the EWTN Global Radio Network to more than 103 million potential listeners, focuses on business professionals seeking more meaning to their life and work. Lyles’ unique perspective comes from a lifetime of business and spiritual leadership as a successful CEO and consultant, best-selling author and speaker, and a dedicated Catholic.

Recently Dick and Martha Lyles, his wife of 42 years, launched several initiatives designed to renew American culture by uniting and empowering Catholics. To accomplish this goal, they are working with Catholics in key sectors of society – business, the entertainment industry and news media, government and the Church. Part of their motivation stems from a near-death experience, an epiphany that compelled them to be vocal about their faith and an urgency to speak up as they witness – like many Christians – the steady deterioration of values in our culture.

Dick is founder of The Genesis Initiative and Origin Entertainment, non-profits charged with producing and promoting movies, documentaries and other programming based on Catholic themes and values. Their current venture is Mary, Mother of Christ, the prequel to the monumental The Passion of the Christ. Stars include Al Pacino, Camilla Belle and Peter O’Toole.

As the CEO of Leadership Legacies, LLC, Dick spearheaded the development of a comprehensive leadership development program for Catholic clergy that is now graduating hundreds of clergy from dioceses around the country. Dick is also past CEO of Relevant Radio, a 33-station Catholic radio network serving parts of the Midwest, South and Eastern portions of the United States.

Dick doing his weekly radio show.

Dick’s pedigree in mainstream business stretches back to 1974 when he founded a consulting and training company that has since served organizations of all sizes, including many Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. Martha and Dick founded Maric College in San Diego in 1976, now part of Kaplan College, a global provider of education services. In 1997, he joined The Ken Blanchard Companies where he doubled the size of the company in just three years.

A skilled author and speaker, Dick has written a number of acclaimed books about business leadership and life, including Winning Habits: Four Secrets that Will Change the Rest of Your Life and Winning Ways: Four Secrets for Getting Great Results by Working Well with People.

Native to Colorado, Dick earned his bachelor’s in Engineering and Naval Science with a political science minor from the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis. Lyles served honorably as a naval officer and did several deployments during the Vietnam War. He went on to earn a master’s in Human Behavior/Organization Psychology from USIU in San Diego, followed by his doctorate in Business Administration from California Western University. He and Martha are now working together on a master’s degree in biblical theology through John Paul II Catholic University in San Diego.

A lifelong Catholic, Dick is also a prominent member of Legatus, a group of Catholic business leaders dedicated to living their faith in a business and professional environment. Dick and Martha are the parents of three children and reside in Poway, Calif., where they dote on their grandchildren in their spare time.

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