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June 15, 2012

Multiverse Theory NOT Supported By Science or Faith

Newsweek’s recent cover story Welcome to the Multiverse proclaims new secrets of the universe. As co-producer of the documentary Cosmic Origins (released this month on DVD by Ignatius Press), Dick wrote a letter to Newsweek regarding the article. “Although well written and thought provoking,” said Dick, “the author failed to clearly state the most important reality: There is no scientific evidence whatsoever pointing toward the possibility of a multiverse. Rather, the six world-renowned astrophysicists and physicists in Cosmic Origins show that the scientific evidence actually provides a bridge between scientific reason and faith.”

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April 25, 2012

Dick and Martha Announce Campaign to Help Inspire a Catholic Renewal

The near-death experience that shook Dick and Martha Lyles to their core drew them deeper into their faith. Now the 60-something cradle Catholics are launching a husband-wife campaign to spark a similar spiritual awakening among their fellow Catholics. “It’s time to help Americans feel good about being Catholic again,” said Dick Lyles.

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March 15, 2012

Fight HHS Mandate, Says Catholic Business Leader

Dick Lyles, host of the globally syndicated radio talk show The Catholic Business Hour, says in an editorial released today that the Obama Administration’s health care mandate “trampled on our conscience” as it restricts the freedom of Americans to live their religious beliefs in the workplace.

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