Public Policy

Making Our Voices Heard

As Catholics, we have a choice. We can influence public policy or be influenced by public policy. Bottom line, the only way we can positively shape our culture is to aggressively participate in the process.

As a start, we’ve chosen to comment on the issues of the day though our columns, blogs and radios shows because we would like to see the pendulum of political correctness give way to a candid conversation about values and the type of society we envision for this country. That doesn’t mean forcing Catholics values on others, but rather responding to those who would thrust their values upon us! “Democracy depends on people of conviction carrying their beliefs into public debate – respectfully, legally and non-violently, but vigorously and without apology,” Archbishop Charles Chaput said in an address. “We should never apologize for being Catholics.”

Furthermore, we are creating a support system for Catholic politicians that will help them successfully navigate the challenges of today’s dysfunctional electoral process. We have developed a series of campaign management tools to help recruit and elect authentic Catholics to local, state and federal office. We feel that by adding competent leaders who are authentic Catholics to the political pipeline, we can regain much of the ground we’ve lost during the past half century.